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We get to the restaurant and she is crying at the table. I had previously learned that she had not seen the new Hobbit movieso the first one and we'd agreed to watch that.

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We are going to have a nice Italian dinner at Olive Garden and go to a symphony. And she kissed me back. He's doing his best to hide it. He ordered a bruschetta appetizer, and said again that his date was on her way and they'd order when she got there.

To the airport, before the draconian days of the TSA and shoe-removal. I start to laugh, it's not a big deal. He leaves to smoke, but the girl stays behind. One guy I never even met up with because out of nowhere he said "I want to orally your smelly, unshowered hairy pussy" and then when I said "ok I changed my mind I will never be meeting you" he proceeded to send me a text times a day for over a month.

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Seeing this snapshot of a couple's life together, I began to rant on the nature of best dating stories reddit experience, and how even that night several hundred thousand stories in our little city alone would have another chapter added to them. I planned a surprise for him, dressed up nicely, and better dating through powerpoint him an hour out into the boonies.

This is not your personal soapbox. He also posted on the "worst date" thread a bit ago about throwing up everywhere. I seriously had to call someone to show up to where we were so that I had a 'distraction' to get away from him.

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Long story short, she meets my dogs and we don't make it back to her hotel til noon the best dating stories reddit day. It was just dinner in a restaurant, but it was such a fun date, and we did some amazing making out in the car park afterwards. We found a game shop and bought some games and then headed home. It was just a beer anyway, nothing too strong, but it WILL be his last round.

Now, the fun begins I had the chance to talk to one of them while he was in the restroom. He then announces that he has to piss on a rock and walks to the back.

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At that time, I was a grad student with limited cash flow but we always tried to do special things that was beyond just watching a movie together in our super small apartment. I barely know this girl, and she barely knows me. It was really that rip the record kind of moment. I always tried to clean the tables near them for as long as possible but I never heard much of his speech.

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I told that she was the only woman in the world I was interested in her. Let me just copy-paste from my original comment:.

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We decided to stage a movie scene style "long lost lovers" airport reunion. They're super nice, to the point where I go to our manager and tell him, because as a small restaurant we often do nice things for guests to grow our list of regulars. I don't care what excuse you make up, I just gotta get the hell out of here.

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Her phone number was disconnected I think it was a burner and she closed her online account so there was no way to track her down. Downvote only to indicate that either a comment or post does not add to discussion; not to indicate disagreement. Either way, your date sounds fun. Five minuets later the friend walks in, sits down, has a drink with the girl. Time for my dark passenger to get in her car".