Chemistry dating jokes Chemistry Pick Up Lines

Chemistry dating jokes

Are you made of copper and tellurium? When I'm near you I undergo anaerobic respiration because baby, you take my breath away. Did you know that oxygen went for a second date with potassium?

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Online money has recently been discovered to be a not-yet-identified super heavy element. H 2 O is water and H 2 O 2 is hydrogen peroxide. I wish I was adenine If I were a neurotransmitter, I would be dopamine so I could activate your reward pathway. Chemistry pick up lines are bound to get a reaction pun intended!

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How about we go back to my place and form a covalent bond? Helium walks into a bar, The bar tender says "We don't serve noble gasses in here.

If you were a laser, you'd be set on stunning. When one physicist asks another, "What's new? Whenever I am near you, I undergo anaerobic respiration because you take my breath away. Heard any good chemistry jokes or riddles? If I could rearrange the periodic table, I'd put Uranium and Iodine together.

What do you do with a dead chemist?

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Do you like Science? In chemistry, an alloy is a mixture of metals. I wish your name was Avogadro The proton says, "Wait, I dropped an electron help me look for it.

Chemistry Jokes and Riddles

Why are chemists great for solving problems? In honor of our most elemental heh heh science, how about some chemistry jokes? Because you raise my boiling point.

You have successfully emailed the post. Mind if I join in? I want to stick to you like glucose. Chemists do it on the table periodically.

The glass is always completely full of something, be it a solid, liquid, or gas — unless the chemistry dating jokes thing is in a chemistry dating jokes and all the atoms are removed.

They literally make up everything we see, but in the joke they are suggesting that the atoms lie so don't trust them. Cheesy Chat Up Lines. Hi does your body consist of Oxygen and Neon? Then I'd be paired with you.

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Because you're a total BaBe. He just couldn't put it down.