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Christian dating girlfriend not virgin, let’s stay

Even after all these years I feel tremendous heartache.

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If you keep your head cool and look at this relationship calmly and rationally, you will see that it may not last forever, even though you may want it to. It is not ideal to have sexual sin in your or your potential spouse's life, but that is how it is sometimes.

#3 – Don’t be Blind to Their Other Good Qualities

I have forgiven her, but will the hurt ever. They can not yet swing from the ceiling fan and do weekends of crazy acrobatics. Focus on your present and on the fact that she wants to be with you and you want to be with her.

By my own experience, women can be really judgemental about your position.


Thank you for all of this information and debate, I have suffered for christian dating girlfriend not virgin on 3 years now and had a real tough time of it. He says the same to me, and I know that he is my one. He could have been in your shoes and you in his and how would he feel about it if his partner hates him for his past.

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I think the same way as you. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:. A girl can have a few sexual encounters and yet thous could have been really crazy and out of control.

#5 – Don’t Torture Them About Their Sexual History

Understand what errors drove her to that behavior and make sure it's resolved. I did ask her once when we got into a very rare argument about it whether she could remember the first time we had sex.

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Sorry I didn't mean to say anything about your choice. It was such a waste.

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You or someone who has read what I typed to him apparently disagrees with using female tactics to teach them important lessons. If it didn't bother you, really and truly, you wouldn't be here.

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I think it is really easy for guys to see their gf having lost their virginity as a huge deal, while think much less of having indulged themselves with thousands of women on their computer or phone.

I have always thought this to be a healthy part of relationships.

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The above are most active recently. Dude, I feel ya. I HATE it so much. We hope to see you as a christian dating girlfriend not virgin of our community soon and God Bless!

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There are two kinds of people according to living and their happiness depends on that belief of theirs, they were the practical ones and the ideal ones,, the ideal ones are the one who set the ideal life they want to live, life that like perfect for them, thats why they want their mate to be perfectvirgin and clean since it was the life that they wanted to be. When a person looks at porn, they are lusting, but they arn't giving their body to someone else.

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It can happen at any time — from few dates to decades. Resolve to lead a pure life with her.


No need, I've been there. And while I don't like to question god, I also wonder why he has allowed it to happen this way, knowing how badly I would have liked someone more equally yoked.

I havent eaten, everyone i see says i look sick.

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Well, first off, everybody can fall at some point in their life.