Dating a muslim convert Muslim convert Dating

Dating a muslim convert

Last seen 4 days ago Seeks a lady, In certain situations, the wife is allowed to have patience and persevere with her marriage, despite the objectionable behaviour of her husband, especially if she has children from him and she fears that they will become psychologically ruined and wasted.

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Last seen 6 days ago Seeks a lady, Thank you for your feedback! Traditionally, Muslim women were not allowed to marry non-Muslim men. You will find that it is the culture or family that have issues.

This is when she started exploring Islam: One day she felt compelled to sneak and read the Bible. How can a non-Muslim guy marry a Muslim girl? His wife is remain christian.

Re: Would you marry a convert to islam?

Considering that the time that he converted to islam his first wife didnt know about it. Only weaklings can't handle converts like us.

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Last seen 1 hour ago Seeks a lady, Appreciate your thought on this. Muslim in the Middle. I'm not saying that theres anything wrong with Asian people its just usually they are very cultural people and that annoys me. I am a Muslim convert for two years now.

He converted to Islam after 3 years from their marriage.


Would she have shared as many intimate secrets, and sensual details? She said her time with me was fun, but she wanted to go back to what she was used to — a traditional, arranged process.

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I was kiambu dating love with the guy. I was the first.

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Allah is the one who controls the hearts and it is from He whom we should ask for a good spouse. Katrina, a lot of peopleIslamic men and women are watching this nowwould certainly disagree with that.

Would you marry a convert to islam?

Thank you for the observation. I was so bound by fear. Last seen yesterday Seeks a guy, Think about the fact, that if we divorce because of my possible conversion to Islam, there will be at least 30 people who dating a muslim convert never even consider Islam as a true religion after that. My husbands plans to convert to Muslim.

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And you sat still for that? I am happily married and we love each other. The Club - October 30, Still looking for an answer? Esha Karim's answer to I was born and raised in a religious Muslim family, but I am agnostic.