Dating a nigerian guy Non-African Women, What You Should Know And Do When Dating An African Man(Guide)

Dating a nigerian guy, read what women are saying about nigerian men

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Cindy February 4, at 6: Many West African men possess a very strong and masculine exterior with a warm and gentle inner self. They are fine menat least I know mine is. Barbara May 21, at 8: I am an american women who has dated only african men for 7 years and all I can say is oh god have mercy on me.

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Thats great Kevin and soooo very true too. I have never been so passionate about any man in my life, in spite of being in a few long-term relationships. Your article was very informitive and I really enjoyed it. I like those who live in America and refuse to behave like the others.

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He understands why you have to send money home - probably doing the same himself! On Saturdays you can find me talking with your favorite African celebrities, discussing juicy topics and playing the hottest tracks on www. As a white woman in the US, I enjoyed the article so much — it is a true account.

I speak from much wasted time and experience. Do Black American men like Ghanaian women?

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He refuses to go to church with me, but wants me to hang out at the soccer field all the time with him. He wants to know you can cook!

Man, how in the world did I get so lucky? Back then, whenever we have any argument, she'll tell me am so African. The very satisfied look on his face after eating one of your meals and the way he glares at you while picking his teeth with the tooth pick,and you both know that you are his next "meal".

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My nigerian husband is hardworking, loving and proud. One last thing I do not like the Nigerian slang word that gay sub dating sites used when some describe American women.

Family from Kinshasha,Congo-including 5 grown datings a nigerian guy. I never dreamed of having a relationship with a Nigerian Man, but well I did and its dating a nigerian guy you say, they have that magic touch that you just want.

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He saves you money on groceries a la "limited diet". But the Nigerian man was not at all good in bed. I like this…my boyfriend is so dam sexy! I have spoken to him on the phone and well he is not a white Englishman… Oh well i have not given up hope that he will be true with me. They were going on about how warm and hospitable the people were and the women among them like true Americans!

They sometimes Are teachers, can also be students depending on the situation. Hi Melissa, I recently started dating a Nigerian guy, I really related to your comment.

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This guy is amazing…. Any ideas on how to approach this? I found it very hard to get them to eat a lot of american food unless it was Italian such as spaghetti or chinese food, but that very rare.

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For yes he makes the babies and thats IT. I could relate to all of them. But more importantly, he is so into me.

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I am an African American… female and I find your article interesting, and its only my belief in God I will not stoop to a low level and Dis anyone because they are who they are…. A lot has been said about him…some good, some not so good.

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