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Dating in islam by dr zakir naik

Who are the Gentiles?

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Recent Comments Powered by Disqus. You lied when you told your friend you no longer had feelings for your ex.

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Sep 25, 2009

Feeble are those who petition and those whom they petition! There is no hadith saying wife taking name of her husband is wrong.

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Everything else comes in permissible. For example Allah may not be given the name Al-Ghaadib the Angry Onedespite the fact that He has said that He gets angry, because neither Allah nor His messenger have used this name.

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But in this world you can do million things. So to say anything is haram you have to get the text from the Quran or the Hadith. That we worship none but Allah; that we associate no partners with him; that we erect not, from among ourselves, Lords and patrons other than Allah. Let no man seclude himself privately with a woman for the third will be Shaytan.

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About Donate Advertise Contact. Neither should you discuss about your wife with your friends also, about personal things, about other things you need advice what should you do, that is other thing but about the sexual relationship, it is not permissible for men to discuss with other men or women to discuss with other women, it is a personal thing.

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Hearing and seeing are human faculties. Shares Abraham or Ibrahim with Judaism Christianity its spiritual ancestor they portray themselves manner postulates globality order to.

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Shirk is the greatest sin that Allah will never forgive: The basis of religion is the acceptance of Divine guidance. This is completely against the principle of Tawheed.