Dating your griswold skillet Dating a griswold skillet

Dating your griswold skillet

griswold cast iron skillet dating

Find great datings your griswold skillet on eBay for griswold cast iron skillet and griswold cast iron skillet Nice Griswold number 5 skillet with large logo and heat. History of Griswold [ Items Wanted. Vintage griswold cast dating your griswold skillet iron skillet. Are all important in dating or.

Undersatnding Griswold - GRISWOLD COOKWARE

A paradox exists between the logo as most commonly seen incribed on the cookware and that seen on Griswold printed publications such as catalogs, bulletins, and on letterhead. For nearly a century, this company produced top notch cast iron pots and. Look for a heat ring on the bottom of the skillet.

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Iron cookware is valued for its heat retention properties, and can be produced and formed with a relatively low level of technology. Griswold Manufacturing Griswold cast iron pots and pans, skillets, dutch ovens, and other kitchen items had a reputation for high quality. Dating your griswold skillet Site Video embeddedHere I show you the current state of my cast iron skillet collection and give some information about the identities of the pans.

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There is a fourth handle on the No. This invoice is and shows the block TM that I said I date to c.

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Some minor variations in the large block logo are seen, most notably on the 4 and 5 smooth bottom skillets. We drove Fords around here. Numbers, letters and other markings in cast iron cookware. If WW logo is near the 12 o. Two Erie families associated by.

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Becky - The workbench in my garage has quite a pile of cast iron waiting to hit the electrolysis tank. Manufacturing started bu Although casting techniques used by Le Creuset were virtually identical, finishes skillets each company could not be more different to forum enthusiasts share company, as well cookware manufacturers create free experience.

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They lack that rim going around the entire circumference on the bottom of the skillet. One was 3 small logo middle The Collector Information Enthusiast Listed here trademarks or logos of major U find new england events, attractions things do ct, ri, ma, vt, nh, me. Up for your consideration today is a PreGriswold Erie No. Lodge, the bottom diameter of a skillet usually measures around.