I still hook up with my ex Hooking Up With An Ex

I still hook up with my ex, discoveries

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I expected him to tell me how much he was touched, that it would make him realize what he has. In order to do that, you do need to go into the no contact rule. My daughters dad is very successful and I would have had a life of luxury but I felt sorry for the guy I was dating and this time I wanted love!

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Fast forward and he comes to my door with my stuff in hand I chose the date and put him on my time He is resistant to chatting at first I invite him in just to catch up. Why the sudden sweet affections? Amor April 23, at 4: I wasnt sure what to say.

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During those 3 weeks was one of the first times he was physical with me. One of the friends was Amy!

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Join our conversation 65 Comments. I was listening to one of your podcasts about always leaving a man wanting more.

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He went off to jail and she sent him a letter stating she was pregnant and there is a possibility it was his. I have a question, though. She is using you for shag now and then, and you are using her for your social status, and a shag. I know the best decision is to just STOP seeing her.

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I have never continued hooking up with an ex without it turning back into a relationship. If he sees a woman who is a bigger and better deal than the current deal he has right now, he is going to be interested in that deal.

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I just completely ignored him until the 30 days passed. Should I follow through the whole week or talk again tomorrow?

Amor May 19, at 9: He will always want you, Maggie. Go with the crisp, clean break.

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