Non binary dating Things I Wish I’d Known Before Dating Someone Nonbinary

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I am a non-binary trans femme who has been undergoing hormone treatment for two years.

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It depends entirely on where you live and the kind of people you run into. Even if there hadn't been, I was starting to see signs of gender non-conformity in general. That goes for trans women of color who get unreal levels of harassment and violence on dating platforms and apps.

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In the beginning, we were a "heterosexual couple," which is hilarious to me now. Please feel free to join us and discuss!

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This task is the hardest part for anyone, but as a non-binary person, you have to weigh several factors. We're in an open relationship, and she's been with another partner for four years.

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The site seems to have weak or negligible safeguards in place to minimize, prevent, or crack down on the harassment, as far as I'm concerned. I also received a lot of unwanted attention.

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It made sense afterwards. I am not a particularly feminine woman all the time.

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There are binary datings of limitations on how women and men can act in relationships. Sorry to gravedig a thread, but I'm trying to meet more NB people, does the information below still stand? Will is friendly, outgoing, and passionate.

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They don't see me a certain way and I think that's hard to find from anyone. For folks who don't fit the gender binary or are interested in questioning it.

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Please let your upvotes and downvotes decide the value of content and commentary, and I'll work hard to keep things running smoothly on my end. They can have preferences to the gender of their partners, just like anyone else.

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It got easier and made more sense as they started to come out.